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In our country, the people Cheap Jordans there are quite a serious phenomenon of flat feet, especially the 12 ~ 30.Adolescence is a flat feet high, as adolescents' height and weight are in rapid growth, but the flesh is meat especially small foot muscles often will delay 1 ~ 2 years of development, so the arch load force Jordans on sale increase and the growth of the body tend to have a not appropriate to the stage.At this time if the load is overweight or stand a long time, weight and maintain the arch will lose balance between muscle strength, can cause collapse of the arch.Flat feet apart from related to heredity, prolonged standing, run and jump, also related to shoes, especially sports shoes.
Long wear sneakers flat feet shoes comes easily to the next day in the best
Long-term wear sports shoes, Cheap Jordans shoes in hot and humid will stimulate the skin of the foot, make its bubble white or red, fever, skin peeling, foot susceptible to disease.Due to the humidity and temperature increase in sneakers, can make the foot ligament loose stretched, the sole pursuit of gradient, wide enough to support arches, in the long run, is also the cause of flat feet.Poor permeability is Cheap Jordans sneakers common problem.The inside of the shoes insole is usually soft and elastic plastic, sponge, such as the sports can play a buffer action, waterproof properties is good, but the shoes wet gas absorption performance is not good.
Flat feet how to prevent

Experts, such as before the age of 14 or 15, with a simple method to correct any errors exercise and wear the right shoes can effectively improve the situation.Four to ten years old is the best time to control and improve the flat feet, because the children of this period the skeleton is not yet mature, if you can as soon as possible through the arch retainer, stimulation of arch, will help a lot.If belong to the hereditary flat feet, even improve the Cheap Jordans possibility is low, is still early to avoid the adverse effects of flat feet. Improvement and prevention of flat feet, another way is to do more foot movement.Children lack of exercise is another main cause flat-footed, pertinence of foot movement, can strengthen muscle as well as the development of pleura, exercise Authentic Jordans the arch supporting force at the same time, decreases the opportunity which is arch subsidence.

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