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In the face of the "powerful" hao packages on the market, many mm either save a hungry gears start again, or a treasure to go blind find louis vuitton outlet store, actually in the face of these big cargo, many high street brands also has "fake", today we take a look at the south Korean mm favorite bags, pretty one hundred yuan can get, if let you be elated
Actually this exaggerated buckles design inspiration from Delvaux antique package, this style of detonation in South Korea is a fire, such as the birth of "beauty" just over China and South Korea art was set up more than three times this style of bags, deserve to go up sweater is also very good ~ ps: the price in 341 yuan.
Hale box package has been Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags do bad, this feels dye-in-the-wood box package of England but have the market, according to the comparison on our row hardcore style rivet shoes also won't feel very acosmia, had the shoes package field, we can have bigger play space in the upper body.Ps: this price is in 434 yuan.
Patterns the classic goods natural little also not, can't afford to buy a sweet home goods we have everything "a treasure", shout a lot of wanton pick is great crooked, average 500 MAO grandpa.
If you still don't know what to back BaoAo modelling shopping, then the following four kind of shopping bag must have a suitable for you, in addition to the considerable capacity, reveal the function of the force, is also big.
Mansur Gavriel bags the first impression that gives a person is really simple to desperately, yard color of leather, no extra decorations, the biggest feature is probably the skins and the big bump color lining (black with red, brown and blue), but it is the design of the "simple and crude violence" let a all the higher-ups knees, "sell out of stock" and "fast fashion brand high imitation" into Mansur Gavriel2014 keywords of the year.
While playing a minimalist design style, the material is excellence.Mansur Gavriel bags used in leather is not only all come from Italy, and use are tanning plants (vegetable tanned) of the leather.Vegetable tanning leather fibre tight, extensibility, good formability, pan is plump and full of elasticity, no greasy feeling, and with the increase of service life coruscate gives a very natural do old qualitative feeling, how do you use, what it becomes.
As founded in 1853, the French family box business, Bagsdomain:Louis vuitton outlet store, Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet Factory Online Store the ancestors of Goyard customers include the British royal family, the President of the United States and Russia.
Goyard the Y pattern on the canvas as early as in 1892 first, appeared earlier than Louis vuitton Monogram service pattern.More than 160 years, the design of bags almost no updated, brand will not do is more low-key even advertising, but its client list is big, rihanna, square face winner, faye wong...
Louis Vuitton Neverfull series you will surely not strange, although was launched in 2007, now has become the main packaging product of LV, Europe and the United States basic hand a actress.Its characteristic and other shopping bag as large capacity, quality of a material is crisp, very suitable for travel. Neverfull has three sizes, small cuhk texture has a classic presbyopia, Damier canvas, canvas and new Epi leather.

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